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The best part of the Sales Surge was the daily affirmations and having simple reminders. I loved the Perfect Customer Talk Track. I really liked the drilled down reflection of.why people connect with me. Understanding the concept and then having it repeated back to me is very helpful. I drive so many things. I don’t need to be responsible for driving another thing in my life. I love this tool.

Bob K., National Sales Manager, Fairfax, VA

I Loved it! I tend to beat myself up. I don't have many positive messages coming at me. I'm realizing that I have many limiting beliefs and that it negatively impacts my sales. I really loved the Talk Tracks. They helped me tie everything together. Even though I didn't remember the answers to my questions, I felt like my answers all came back to me. I liked how it was consistent, the format was easy to understand. I really like hearing a familiar voice first thing in the morning.

Mark M., External Wholesaler, Dallas, TX

I really liked it. I admire that you guys have been in my shoes and there is a believably and respect factor there. You have a real advantage and you nailed it on the language and the examples. Even though I've been in the financial services industry for 20 years, I need to be reminded of what works. I can always get better.

Kevin Y., VP Sales, Huntington Beach, CA

The only downside is that I wish I had more. My big take-away: the feeling that challenges are universal and therefore the solutions are universal . I learned there is a process  to remind me what is a waste of time and what activity will bare fruit. It was really helpful.

Terence R., Financial Advisor, NYC, NY

This program really helped me to make significant changes. I loved how positive it was. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I'm so happy that I finished the program. I feel like I need to listen to it again to let the ideas sink in.

Brian R., Regional Sales Director, Tampa, FL

The lesson on Day 9’s is Polarized Thinking and it was amazing. I had to stop my vacation to email you. Yes. Yes. Yes. My entire line of executives and my sales team needs to learn this message.

Howard A., CFO, NYC, NY

I can implement this content immediately. What a huge value! It’s a no brainer.

David B., VP Sales, Hartford, CT

You have a huge hit on your hands. This program is phenomenal. I feel like I can conquer the world. I feel ready and focused to dominate.

Andy C., Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

I had no idea at how much 15 min a day could change my life. I keep telling people that the 30 Day Sales Surge program is powerful, compelling and AMAZING. There are no other words that fit. I had no idea what I was getting into. I’m SOOOO happy I did this program and I’m not even in sales. AMAZING.

Teresa R., Entrepreneur, Detroit, MI

Awesome and thought provoking experience.  I really enjoyed it and I looked forward to it everyday.  I liked the different context and mixed media. Beth's voice is amazing.

Melissa B., Financial Advisor, Atlanta, GA

I loved the guided visualizations. It was my biggest concern at first and it turned into the best takeaway.  You tied it all together. I was able to visualize my success. I loved being in my office. I’m so ADD/ADHD that I'm typically not able to relax and visualize but you got me to do something I was never able to do before. It was great to not have to DRIVE this, I drive so many things, that it was great to relax and let myself go. I loved the segment about not being thanked by my customers. You obviously know what you are doing. It was great to get your expertise. I do so much for other people, it's helpful to have a productivity tool for me...where someone else is completely helping me. You helped me feel better about my business & help shift my way of thinking.

Jim M., Sales/Marketing Director, Portland, OR