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30 Day Sales Surge

April 1 - April 30, 2019

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Sales Training + Self Discovery = 30 Day Sales Surge


30 Day Sales Surge is a mobile training program that supports professionals with tailored sales coaching plus a little bit more. It is a self-discovery process that helps sales reps align their individuality with business goals. Users report higher confidence, higher control and higher closing ratios.

The program employs:

  1. Two Guided Visualizations;

  2. 30 Daily Sales Lessons;

  3. Personalized Audio Affirmations to Boost Productivity; and

  4. Sales Coaching Insight and Structure to Help Drive Business

Big Impact!

Reported by current participants:

  • “I learned how to stay focused when so many distractions are coming at me.”

  • “My big takeaway is learning how to stand firm and have courage to have difficult conversations with my customers.”

  • “I learned how to recognize my mental triggers and identify the people and situations who move me away from my goals.”

  • “The Perfect Customer and Victory Tours were most useful and to remind me that I’m better than I think.”

  • “This program kept me focus on the right sales activity. Just because I’m in this business for 20 years, doesn’t mean I always do what I’m supposed to do. Great reminder.”

  • Getting away from “event based” learning and having a daily dose of positive focus, helped me create new healthy mental habits.


  • The 30 Day Sales Surge is unique, scalable and powerful.

  • The content has been curated for 15 years and is universally applicable to financial services sales executives.

  • Sales managers and sales teams alike embrace the course because of its influence with remote salespeople.

  • It can be practiced quickly and easily  in the field.

  • There’s nothing else like it.



  • A salesperson who is always looking to improve

  • Someone who is willing to be honest with themselves

  • Is open to an invitation to increased focus and motivation

  • Is open-minded and likes the idea of accountability

  • Is typically is drawn to self-discovery

  • 60% of our customer are male, 40% are female salespeople


Industries: most of our customers come from the financial services, insurance, mutual fund, annuity industries. Approximately 30% of customers come from pharma, medical equipment, construction and fashion/beauty.

April 1 - April 30, 2019

Introductory Price: $199 

Early Bird Pricing until 3/29/19 


30 Day Sales Surge has been tested over 120 times in the real world with real people with real business issues related to a sales career.

Common Themes:


  • "I was pleasantly surprised at the impact of program."

  • "Amazing how 6-10 minutes of affirming content had a positive impact on my sales."

  • "It wasn't what they expected, it was better!"

  • "It's not sales training, it's self-discovery."

  • "Stories were great!"

  • "Beth's voice resonated with me."

  • "The bite-sized pieces of content were manageable to integrate into my day."

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the 30 Day Sales Surge Program? 


The 30 Day Sales Surge is an online sales training program that supports sales professionals with automated sales coaching. FINBAKER focuses on helping sales rep align their own attitude, mindset and decision-making process with business goals.  Within the program, the user will have the experience of two guided visualizations, daily sales lessons, and personalized audio affirmations to boost sales productivity.  The user gets 30 days of sales coaching insight and structure to help drive business.

When does the program start and end?

The Sales Surge officially starts on the  Monday 4/1/19 and ends 4/30/19.

How will I receive the 30 Day Sales Surge? 


The process is completely automated. The user will receive an initial email to register and then receive daily texts to phone. It’s easy. It can be done on your phone, iPad or desktop at any time.

Do I need special equipment?

The process is completely automated. The user will receive an initial email to register and then receive daily texts to phone. It’s easy. It can be done on your phone, iPad or desktop at any time.

How does the program launch?


  • On Friday, March 29, 2019,  participants receive an email inviting you to log-in and register for the course from

  • Create an account and pick a time to receive daily texts (6:30 am est is the default)

  • Complete a few “welcome questions”

  • Complete Lesson #1 by Monday, 4/1. The first lesson will take approximately 25 minutes, every other day will take 6-10 min.


What is the flow to program?


  1. The user will receive a text each day containing a link to your course. The user picks the time to receive daily text greeting.  Please add 701-203-9706 as 30 Day Sales Surge into contacts.  This is number that daily text greeting will be coming.

  2. The content is delivered in an audio clip. Listen to the intro audio clip.

  3. Complete the exercise in the form of 2-3 online multiple-choice questions.

  4. Listen to a wrap-up audio clip. The entire process takes no more than 10 min except for Day 1 & Day 15 which are longer exercises.

  5. Be sure to answer all questions as a custom audio file is created for you based on answers.

  6. There is a companion workbook we are testing to go with the course.  An attachment will be included, please print. 

What happens after the program? 


At the end of the program, you will be focused, engaged and motivated. Many of our users tend to go back and repeat the process. They love round 1 and get into the content even deeper on the 2nd & 3rd pass. The course will remain open until June 30. You will be able to re-listen to the course and you’re customized audio affirmations however you will not receive the daily text messages throughout the 2nd and 3rd month.

What if I miss a day?


You can go back and finish the exercises that you’ve missed. You can also adjust and change times of your daily greeting. You can go back and look at all previous content. On Saturday mornings, the entire weekend material will be unlocked. You can complete Monday lessons over the weekend if desired.

What if I have technical support issues? Do you want this in here?


For tech support call Catherine at 248-229-7592 or email



58 year old male Sales Manager: “I  was not expecting that. I was very reluctant to do this but now that I’m on the other side of this...amazing. The biggest advantage you have is that there is nothing else in the market like this. I want my entire team to do it multiple times and I want to  buy a license for my 27 year old son.”

35 year old female life insurance sales leader in Ohio: “We just rolled out a new product and I was so overwhelmed but everything single time I listened to your program, I felt more in control and it removed me from chaos. I’m a hard hitter and very direct. This program helped me. So valuable.”

52 year old male mutual fund sales leader in San Diego: “You guys obviously have been in the field and did this job well. I loved all the stories and the Talk Tracks. I want more stories. Beth’s stories helped me understand that I’m not a victim of any circumstance. I’m in control of my business. It made me feel really good about my business, sometimes I forget why I work so hard.”

59 year old male National Sales Manager: “This program was so manageable. If someone on my team can’t find 10 minutes a day to invest in themselves, there is something wrong. We train on product and activity but we do nothing to train the sales mind. Well done. Beth’s voice was impressive, I’m not sure how many takes it took you to get this right but you guys are really on to something here. I can see us using this with our distribution partners. Can you imagine if this were integrated with Salesforce?!”


40 yr old male Financial Services Salesperson in TX: I drive so many areas of my life & business. This program gave me the feeling that I’m being helped and supported. It felt great to have someone else helping me instead of me always helping someone else.

52 yr old male Insurance Wholesaler in CA: Even though I know exactly what to do in order to be successful, it doesn't mean I always do it. This program was a great use of my time and helped me make mental decisions that I had been reluctant to make.

35 yr old female Annuity Salesperson in PA: I’ve been in the business for 3 years. When I was first trained, I was drinking from the fire hose. This program helped me slow down and see all the progress that I have made. I feel a big boost in confidence and output. It’s been a huge help in shifting my limiting thinking.

Content Calendar with Estimated Time Commitments
Day 1

Sign up & Victory Tour Guided Visualization

Day 2

Clarity is Power

Day 3

Winning Mindset

Day 4

Maximize / Minimize Productive Thoughts

Day 5

Personalized Talk Track Delivered

Day 6/7

Weekend off or re-engage with lessons

Day 8

Income Drivers

Day 9

Limitations of Zebra Thinking

Day 10

Setting Expectations

Day 11

#1 Business Tool

Day 12

Personalized Talk Track Delivered

Day 13/14

Weekend off or re-engage with lessons

Day 15

Relationship Currency Guided Visualization

Day 16

Understanding your Deltas

Day 17

Clients & Prospects

Day 18

Your Super Power

Day 19

Personalized Talk Track Delivered

Day 20/21

Weekend off or re-engage with lessons

Day 22

Profitable Activity

Day 23

Gauging Energy

Day 24

Embody Yourself

Day 25

Colluding Forces

Day 26

Personalized Talk Track Delivered

Day 27/28

Weekend off or re-engage with lessons

Day 29

Day Focus

Day 30

You, The Sales Rock Star!

of The 30 Day Sales SurgeTM

Catherine Baker

Catherine Baker is a talented and successful sales executive and has been delivering consistent results in the financial services industry for 27 years. Read More...

Elizabeth Reynolds

Beth is an accomplished and innovative business professional with an entrepreneurial history. Her unique skill set is a major differentiator in the market place. Read More...

Feedback from past users who have never done a similar program before:

“This program is like yoga for my mind. It helped me relax, focus, strategize and execute instead of running around my territory like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off.”


“You  need to have an open mind. This program exposes you to new ways of thinking that you are not used to. Each person will take away something different.”


“ThIs was a great program to help me reboot. It allowed me to slow down. I'm a really hard charger and a very dIrect person. ThIs program really helped me.”


“This is a daily practice to envision your success and helps you recalibrate in what success means to you in your professional life.”


“The 30 Day Sales Surge (™) is about getting your mind right. It helped me create a process and a psychological approach to my business. It helped me cope with challenges when I deal with adversity and planning. It's an introspective tool to help you get to the next level. I spend 0 time getting my mind right and now I know how. My company trains on product and some sales skills but I was never trained to get my mind right.”

April 1 - April 30, 2019

Introductory Price: $199 

Early Bird Pricing until 3/29/19