30 Day Sales Surge is a mobile course that helps sales professionals to drive sales, stay organized and focused. FINBAKER combines online sales training experiences with leading-edge technology tools to amplify sales productivity. This successful training program has only been available to leading Fortune 500 sales teams, but has now been released to any sales professional looking to:

  • Gain the tools necessary to be less reactive & more proactive around sales goals.
  • Be more effective in time management and eliminate “time suckers” that distract precious energy.

  • Get quality executive coaching through FINBAKER's customized content through a mobile portal over 30 days.

  • Recieve the support needed for high achieving sales professionals.

30 Day Sales Surge

  • Sales professionals wanting to:

    • Bring out their best self - improve mastery;
    • Develop and stick to positive habits;
    • Gain time through greater productivity; and
    • Receive guidance learn from their most successful peers.

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