Bridging the Gap Between Academia & Professional Sales Training

  1. Are you an academic leader within one of the 120 American universities that has an undergraduate professional sales program?

  2. Are you looking to elevate the perception of sales as a profession at  your university?

  3. Are you a corporate leader looking to close the gap between academia and post graduation sales training?


Partner with FINBAKER to help close the gulf between academic sales training and real world sales experience.

  • Invite students & corporate sponsors to experience the mindset training that is one of a kind. The creator of the "30 Day Sales Surge" can speak during a sales competition to offer a value added workshop to your students, visiting students and corporate guests.

  • Host a conference call to educate your Professional Sales community about the need for training around a mindset for sales.

  • Set your students up for success by exposing them to real world attitude issues that impact performance.

According to Howard Stevens and Geoffrey James in their whitepaper, “Preparing Sales Professionals for a More Demanding Business Environment”:

For decades, the fields of Sales and Academia have remained worlds apart. Many salespeople lacked a formal education, and did not see the need for one, nor did their employers. In turn, the academic community, even the business schools, tended to see selling as a “trade” of little interest to scholarly researchers. As a result, the training of salespeople has largely taken place outside the academic environment. As the 21st century began, companies were spending between billions of dollars on internal and external sales training. At the same time, few colleges and universities either offered courses on selling or actively sought enrollments from salespeople, except for individuals looking to get out of sales and into a management role. Until now. The gulf between Sales and Academia, however, is rapidly shrinking. Sales professionals are increasingly realizing that they need deeper and broader business knowledge in order to continue to add value to their customer relationships. At the same time, pressures on Academia to make their business programs more practical are driving colleges and universities to include sales training and sales management in their curricula.  For full whitepaper, click here.

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